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Business Internet Winnipeg

LES.NET utilizes its own private Dark Fiber Optic Network to deliver blazing fast Internet in Winnipeg.
In addition to this fiber optic network, we operate 6 wireless points of presence through the city.

Service is available at 100 Megabit, 1 Gigabit and 10 Gigabit access rates.

Connections outside our fiber optic footprint are available at speeds of up to 750 Megabits using advanced microwave point to point links.

Our Internet services are fully symmetrical. Your upload and download speeds are the same!
Where other providers may impose a 200GB or 500GB limit and charge for overages, we do not.
Our flat fee for Internet includes 32,000GB for 100 Meg Connections, and 320,000GB for 1 Gigabit connections.

100 Megabit service starts at $199/Month, and Gigabit at $599/Month.

Direct Interconnects to our network are also available at 3 data centers in Winnipeg.

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